Paint Brush and Prosecco at the ArtNight

Who said that Prosecco could only be served at a gallery opening? And that art is only created in an artist’s workshop? A paint brush in one hand, a glass of Prosecco in the other – that’s the best way to paint! In cosy wine shops and nice restaurants, participants of  the so-called Prosecco ArtNights create their own piece of art. Information on the sparkling wines come with the free tasting for everyone. What a great pairing! 

In this extraordinary cooperation, guided by professional artists, participants not only learn about painting techniques, but also experience as a group how much fun it is to paint together. The easygoing, relaxed almost Italian atmosphere that Prosecco DOC evokes, fits in wonderfully with this creative energy of an art event, doesn’t it?

Client: Prosecco DOC | Project: ArtNights | © Pictures: Prosecco DOC