Organic Wines in the Spotlight

Cameras click, glasses clink, the sparkling wine gently bubbles. In one corner influencers are trying on the latest collection, in the other bloggers discuss fashion trends. And in the middle of it all: Prosecco DOC! The Italian classic sparkling wine has a lot to offer when it comes to organic and sustainability topics. Therefore its tasting bar was a perfect match with the NEONYT, the trade fair for sustainable fashion during the Fashionweek Berlin.

Every year, sustainable labels present their latest collections in stylish locations in Berlin such as a former power plant “Kraftwerk” that is now a club or the disused Tempelhof airport. As an official sponsor of the fair, Prosecco Doc was centrally positioned in the pre-peek area with a stylish tasting bar. Organically produced Prosecco wines were served to interested multipliers, the important topic of sustainability united all players and the delicious, sparkling wines showed their model-like qualities!

Client: Prosecco DOC | Project: Prosecco at the NEONYT, the fair for sustainable fashion | © Pictures: Prosecco DOC